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This mighty underdog provides proven quality at a fraction of the price! The AirLite’s simplistic plug-n-play design and unbeatable reliability give you comfort that will not go unnoticed.

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AirLite Features and Benefits

Integrated Gearmotor

  • Reliable and trusted performance
  • Durability in harsh conditions
  • Simple operation 
  • IP55
  • Low operating cost - an average of $1.69 per 8 hrs to run

Plug-and-play Design

  • No electrician required
  • Simple set-up
  • Ease of use
  • Convenience 
  • Immediate air movement with less hassle

6 Clear coat anodized airfoil blades (8-14 ft)

  • Outside use
  • Rust resistant 
  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Effective and efficient air movement

Variable Direction and Speed

  • Variable Speed dial
  • Forward direction operation, to help cool your space
  • Reverse direction operation, to help warm your space

Analog controller for one-to-one fan control

  • Simple operation
  • IP65 (controller) for use in damp environments

2 Year Warranty

  • Buy with confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Team of knowledgeable customer service reps to assist you with any questions or needs

Rigid Mount

  • Adaptable and safe for any application
  • Safe fan operation
  • No need for guy wires
  • Standard Features:

    - 3/4 HP AC induction industrial gearmotor 

    - 8 - 14 ft diameter clearcoat anodized airfoil blades Forward, reverse, variable speed 

    - Plug into standard wall outlet (110 – 120v) 

    - 10 ft input power cable with pre-wired 110-120V plug (for fast, easy connection of VFD wall control to wall outlet)

    - Rigid mount without the need for guy wires

  • Specifications:

    - .75 HP motor unit

    - 8 ft or 14 ft blade set (6 blades total)

    - Rigid mount (for mounting the fan to ceiling structure)

    - Installation hardware (all hardware needed for hanging fan)

    - Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that functions as the wall control (controls fan speed and on/off function)

    - 50 ft of motor cable with wired connectors (for easy connection of VFD wall control to fan motor)

    - 10 ft input power cable with pre-wired 110V plug (for fast, easy connection of VFD wall control to wall outlet)

  • Includes:

    - 8,10 ,12 & 14 ft industrial HVLS shop fan with anodized aluminum blades (airfoils)

    - .75 HP AC Induction Gear Motor

    - Input Voltage: 110-120V (pre-wired plug)

    - Most suitable for ceiling heights greater than 14 ft

    - The fan is rated for indoor use only

    - All needed electrical wiring is included with prewired connectors for fast, easy installation

Need Custom Options?

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